stupid hamstring and stupid flu


So maybe I got a bit too excited about things.

So during my last long run, I noticed that my butt hurt. Not my hip, but RIGHT in the middle of the butt cheek and it was quite a direction pain, and it kind of went down the back of my leg. I’ve felt this on and off before, but I always figured, hey, my hamstring’s tight, better stretch it more and more. So Monday evening, I do a niiiiiiice loooooong yoga session, really sinking deep into downward dog and standing forward bend. Tuesday morning, I wake up and it HURTS. I check my email and find this video in my inbox.

And I think to myself.. hey, I have a pain in my butt. And I feel it mostly when I run uphill or do speedwork. Hmm. And I come to the conclusion that it is my proximal hamstring that is giving me trouble. And good thing I’ve been doing allllllll those hammy stretches because, from my research, that just nicely exacerbates the problem! Yay!

So I took most of the week off, just heading out for a short easy run, to let myself heal. I also didn’t want any trouble when I was out heli skiing on the week (yeaaaaaahhhh!), and I was planning to do a long run on Monday. 

Well Sunday night rolls around and my throat is scratchy. Monday I wake up feeling like I got hit by a bus and since then I have had no energy to even think about running. So it’s been over a week since I’ve done anything besides one day of skiing. Ugh.

So yeah, I don’t have really any way of wrapping this up in a nice little package because I’m still healing and I know that I need to LET myself have time to heal, and not over do it. Because that is how I get injured and run down. I’m still not 100% (I’d say more like 65%), so I’m going to attempt an easy run tomorrow and see how I fair. If that goes well I’ll do a longer (1:30-2:00) on Sunday and go from there. Cross your fingers for me.


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