A quick lil hey whats up

Hey! I have an actual post coming soon for you all, but I just wanted to brief you on a few things I’m working on.

I’m fast approaching my taper weeks prior to the Van Marathon (last long run this weekend whaaa?), so to fill my time and so I can actually make something of this page I’ve come up with daily posts that I can share with you. I’ll be featuring something each day. Here is how I’ve worked it out:

Monday – previous week running recap. I’ll discuss how my training is progressing, any races etc

Tuesday – Tune tuesday! Something that’s gotten me moving recently

Wednesday – Product review Wednesday. Things I use and love (or don’t love), and new things I try too

Thursday – Random topic. Run Club Friends: This is your opportunity to ask me questions and give me something to research and write about so I can share my knowledge with you (or anyone else that follows this blog, for that matter)

Friday – Random inspiration. A quote, blog post, video, whatever has entertained or moved me that week.

Sounds good? Good. There you go. Prepare to be bombarded. New post today/tomorrow and I’ll be back to whining about running.


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