Spectator Love

Physical achievements aside, races are pretty neat and 99% of the reason why I love running so much. There are up to tens of THOUSANDS of people coming out to major races to cheer on friends, families, and complete strangers. People write signs for their friends and family, hand out orange slices, volunteer and stand with their arms outstretched holding cups of water, little kids give you high-fives, bands play, people from ALL walks of life read the name on you bib and tell you to “keep going!”, “you make it look easy!”, or “you’re almost there!”. Even companies and corporations get involved. I heard somewhere that “if you start to have doubt in the human spirit, just go watch a marathon” and I agree wholeheartedly.

I get so emotional thinking about all the support I’ve received from the sidelines throughout the years. The first 10k I ran I remember my Dad meeting me and my Mom at the finish line. My friend Sarah has been at the finish of  every Vancouver 1/2 Marathon I’ve ran. My Mom was my pre-race-prep all star for my first and second marathons, making sure I got to bed on time and stuffed my face with carbs. She followed me on a bike (to the best of her ability) in Portland, and ran the last 100m of my Vancouver marathon with my, in flip flops, after she ran her own half marathon! And like I mentioned before, my boyfriend Dan biked along my side when I wanted to call it quits during my last race. And not to forget the other friends I’ve had that have watched me cross the finish line. Thinking of them is the fuel to my running fire.

The unfortunate events in Boston left a lot of people in shock and confusion, but I see the running community coming together and supporting each other and the others involved and it really warms my heart. Keep running, loving and supporting each other. We’re stronger than what is thrown at us.

To move forward from this, here’s a tune that Jamie got me hooked on last Saturday during our late night chat (4am… woops!). Seems appropriate.

Enjoy the weekend! I have a tempo run to go crush and then a run for Boston tomorrow am. I’m hoping there’s a good turnout and I get to meet some local run peeps. Ciao!


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