Pre-Van! One week out.

So despite my best intentions to do a weekly recap of training and other daily things (to be organized on the weekends, or something. I obviously haven’t figured it out yet), I haven’t really been doing that.


So since my last post where I actually talked about training, things have been good! My last few long peek-training runs have been good and fast (avg 9:45-9:15/mile at a low effort), recovery has been speedy, and I have been feeling very strong during my tempo runs, usually averaging in the low 8:00/mile’s, which is better than what I was initially aiming for.

The one thing I’ve been feeling like I’ve been lacking has been the strength training that I usually do. Thanks to my hamstring injury and getting the flu, I feel out of consistent strength training and while I have been trying to do some exercises, it’s not as consistent. On the other hand, cutting back on strength may have allowed for better recovery and helped me run faster. I guess we’ll see. I have, however, been consistently doing yoga 1-2 times a week for the past month.

I’ve had a few tight spots in the arches of my feet lately, and I tweaked my ankle coming down some stairs a couple weeks ago but nothing major is causing any issues. I’m religiously rolling around on the foam roller, and have a new muscle-rolling friend, my rolling pin.

I am in the market for a tiger tail or something of the sort, but the running shop near my house was sold out so Ms Rolling Pin is stepping in for the time being.


I think my focus on kicking my own (figurative mental) ass that improved my runs, and now in turn my physical improvements are only adding more fuel to the confidence fire.

I am a bit scared of the high bar that I set for myself this race. My training paces (thanks to the McMillan calculator) have been aiming towards a 3:45 finish. Let’s take a moment and remember that my marathon PR is 4:17. This is ambitious. Not unachievable, but ambitious, and I am very aware at that.


Or whatever.

Seriously tho, I’ve broken it down like this:

PR (so, 4:16:XX) – That’s cool! Really, it is. All I every really want to do is PR as often as possible so as long as I at least do that then I’m happy.

4:10:XX – 4:15:59 – Not bad! Feeling the same as above with higher levels of stokedness.


4:00:XX – 4:09:XX – YES. This is more like it. Next race will indeed be a sub-4-or-bust.




Who knows what’s possible. If I don’t tell myself that I could do it, I won’t have that nugget of believe in me to make it possible, right? I’ve been teetering between feeling nervous that I won’t do as well as I hope, and being excited that I might be able to do really well. I try to focus on the latter.

The past week has been an emotional one for me. It’s been the perfect storm of Boston tragedy, lady-days’ lack of emotional control, and taper crazies. I feel bad for my boyfriend. I had a hard 4 x 400m sprint workout on Friday morning (sub 7min/mile for all 400s HOLLA!) and I was just vibrating with energy. I needed that run. I feel like a caged animal. Hopefully I can bottle it all up and have it release (in a very efficient manner over the span of 3.75-4 hours) at 8am PST on May 5.

Next Wednesday Dan and I will leave for BC, first stop in Vernon where we’ll visit his family and I will go to a work retreat and spend some time relaxing at Sparkling Hill Spa. Then off to Vancouver, see some friends and celebrate Dan’s sister’s University graduation, and run my face off. Can’t wait.


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