I haven’t been writing much, mostly because I haven’t been running much. Really just the past week that is, but it feels like longer.

Since the marathon I’ve been loosely following Hal Higdon’s Marathon Recovery Program. I say loosely because I know mentally I need some time away from a program. Runners are notorious for having type-A personalities and I am no different (at least in the running area of my life), and I know sometimes I just need to step back and be OK with not running 5-6 times a week, and pushing hard. There IS more to life than just running. What is that, you may ask? WELL…

Jamie (aka main-goat) and I went to Calgary’s Street Food Festival. A bunch of Calgary’s food trucks hawked their foods and offered some feature dishes for $5 if you were willing to wait in line long enough to get them. Which we were.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 001  We stood in line, people watched, enjoyed Saskatoon Berry Perogies, pulled pork tacos, corn and bean salad, mini salmon burgers, sampled some fruit wine and honey mead. Mayor Nenshi came out, and we were thoroughly entertained by some line dancers. Actually…. we were mesmerized! Something about them, I think it was the whoops they let out while dancing, and just the fact that you can tell they are having a great time.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 002

It’s so ‘Calgary’.Sept 2011-Sept 2012 003

In other Calgary news, my Mom and I went for a short ‘hike’ along the Douglas Fir Trail in Edworthy Park. Neither of us had ever gone there! It was a nice escape from the city, without having to leave the city. I think it will also be a good trail running trail.Sept 2011-Sept 2012 005

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 006And it was a long weekend, so Sunday night some girlfriends and I went out to a bar. Which rarely happens these days. It was nice.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 004Then… I got sick. Actually, most of us that went out on Sunday got sick. Sore throat and fever, but I was finishing up a major project so I didn’t have much down time. Then Dan and I left for Vernon for a wedding. Which was fun, but not restful.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 007

“Yo girl! Your pants are out of this world! And do your socks belong to a five year old?”

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 008

I wish this picture wasn’t blurry. But we’re still fancy.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 012

The ‘Enchanted Forest’ outside of Revelstoke.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 009

Made for kids, enjoyed by adults.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 010

The Enchanted Forest is a fairytale wonderland, complete with resin forms of your favorite childhood stories. These are cats.

So then this week looked like this: too much work + long night drive + long day at wedding + booze + long day of driving back + thinking I am well enough to do a strength workout on monday + easy 6 miler = crash + burn. Tuesday I was right back in fever-town and Wednesday I was not much better. This was an ultra bummer since I am running the Calgary Underwear Affair 10k this Saturday and wanted to push hard and super-PR again. But now, I’ll be happy with anything. Even just a sub 1-hr. Whatever. It’s a fun race and I’m with my run club and it’s their first 10k race so it’s guaranteed to be a good time. Plus we get to run in costume. I think we’re aiming for anything black, leopard print and/or sparkly. I’m already excited to do the recap of that one!


I wanted to do a review of the Hal Higdon Marathon Recovery Plan (that I mentioned above), but since it got somewhat kiboshed halfway through, I won’t really. I CAN, however, say that for what I did I enjoyed. I did the Advanced four week program, and I felt that it was enough time to ease into running again and not overwhelm me, but the speedwork and longer runs were nice too. In the past I’ve often felt like the weeks after a marathon I’ve let myself go, and while I know I want to recover fully so I avoid injury or mental burn-out, I wanted to stay sharp and not lose the drive I had before. I think I’d do it again, unless someone can offer me a better program.

I am also intruiged by his multiple marathon programs, as I’m planning to run the Okanagan Marathon in October and I’d also like to run the Seattle Marathon in December, giving me 8-9 weeks between the two. I’ve never done this before, and I do have a backup plan of running the half instead of the full, but I would like to give it a try to see how I would perform running two big races that close to each other. It may go well, it may not! I’m not expecting anything really out of this. Any/all advice pertaining to this is welcome 🙂


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