Sports Bras and PRs – 2013 Calgary Underwear Affair Recap!

So apparently it’s monsoon season in Calgary, but luckily the rain held out on Saturday for the duration of the Underwear Affair! This is race #2 for me this year, and the first race EVER for a few of my friends/run club gals (Dan didn’t race because he didn’t reach the $300 fundraising limit nor get the day off work). And overall I must say that I am SO proud of them for running their first race, and I think they’re all sufficiently hooked to this crazy wonderful sport.

The whole premise of the race is to raise money for research for cancers ‘below the belt’. We created a team, raised money, dressed in crazy and revealing outfits, and ran the race.

The race started at 6pm, so that meant that we had the day to eat carbs and get our outfits together. We didn’t have much of a theme. Amber wore leopard print underwear over her running shorts, and a tutu. Jamie did about the same minus the tutu. I wore leopard print tights, shiny green bikini bottoms, and a sports bra (my new Oiselle sports bra! :D), and Carly went in a totally different but good direction of a neon yellow sports bra, green and black striped tights and a bright multi colored tutu. Carly and I decided we wanted to be bold and run in just a bra, no shirt. If there was a time/race to do it, this was it. We tied our varying outfits together with some warrior/racing stripes face paint and hot pink lips.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 014

Leaving the apartment

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 016

Carly applying body glide for the first time. Welcome to the club!

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 019

Awards for best outfit

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 017

Le team

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 018


The race itself went ok for me. I wanted to push myself and see what I was capable with, so I broke off from the others early on. My garmin didn’t link up to satellites for the first while, so I don’t know how fast I was going, but I was passing quite a few people on a narrow path, bounding down the hill at the start and feeling strong.

At what I am assuming was 1.5-2km into the race (didn’t see any km markers, garmin was being dumb), I remembered that I was sick and lost all my energy and started coughing. My lungs would start burning, and the only way to relieve them was to let out a big, honking cough that would turn heads. I realized at this point that I couldn’t push hard in this race. My goal of sub-50 turned into just finishing and not passing out.

I eventually saw a marker at 4km, argued with myself for a while and debated running over to my mom’s house (which was in the neighborhood), and walked through the 5km water station. I could feel my guts in pre-spasm mode which concerned me, and when I walked the sensation got stronger but went away around the 6km marker. I started feeling a bit stronger, or at least like I could finish if I kept a steady pace. I saw the 8km marker and felt capable of going on for another 2km and felt much more positive.

About 1km out we had to cross a pedestrian bridge over the freeway, which is a pretty large hill. I felt like I was going to puke. But after was fine. I saw Carly’s parents just before I rounded the stadium for the finish and did my wacky-waving-arm-flailing-inflatable-tube-man impression again. A girl in purple booty shorts who I had been passing occasionally (and getting passed by) through the second half took off in a sprint, but I wasn’t feeling it. I crossed the finish line, chugged a bunch of water and ate half a banana, then ran outside to meet up with Carly’s parents and Jamie’s boyfriend to watch/run the others come in.


DOING IT! Thanks Carly’s dad for the pictures 🙂

I ran with Amber and Jamie to the finish. When Jamie came in, I had my shoe off to fix my sock, but saw her coming up the last hill so I put my shoe on, pulled out my phone for a picture of her, held my phone, sock and garmin and ran with her to the finish. I also grabbed two iced teas that some guys were passing out for us.

Sept 2011-Sept 2012 020

Carly, me, Amber and Jamie. Post race.

Words can’t express how proud I am of these girls for finishing their first race. It’s not easy but it’s sure rewarding. I’m looking forward to the other races we plan to do together this summer and watching all our times improve.

Speaking of times:

Me – 52:39 (a new PR! Pretty good for having to slow myself down. I’m happy)

Carly – 1:01

Amber – 1:14

Jamie – 1:16

Afterwards we ate some complimentary burgers, drank some complimentary beers, and ate some cake pops. We generally had just a great day.

beers2beersSept 2011-Sept 2012 021I love you girls! Good work 🙂


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