State of Emergency

Woah. I started this post last week, thinking I could finally get into some sort of normal training routine. Turns out that’s not in the cards for me (yet).

It’s been a crazy/draining/emotional/unbelievable last few days that require a post on their own. Like many that live in Calgary/Canmore/High River I haven’t even had chance to really process what has happened. When you live in a landlocked city that is typically pretty safe from natural disasters, you’re never really mentally prepared for one actually happening.

Anyways, let’s get on with the post I intended to write:


So last week was week 2 of Okanagan Marathon training, but we can call it week 1 since I kind of S’d the B on week 1. My plan for this week:

Monday: 5 min plank workout (2 min front, 1:30 each side), strength routine (legs), 5 mile/8km run with Jamie

Tuesday: strength (triceps and shoulders), 3 mile/5k easy

Wednesday: 3 x 800m @ 7:08-7:20/mi, 5 min plank workout, strength (legs, biceps and back)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: plank, strength (triceps and shoulders), 5 mile/8km Steady State run (1 mile warm up, 4 miles at 8:22-8:44/mi pace)

Saturday: 11 mile/17.7km long run (8:58-10:17/mi pace)

Sunday: easy 3mi/5km

And this is what actually happened:

Monday: Did my plank and legs no problem. Our 8k run in the lovely Carburn Park turned into a 7k due to heat and mosquitoes but we did walk about 1-2km afterwards because Dan came down to the park to go fishing and we had to find him afterwards as he was thigh deep in water and understandably didn’t have his phone with him. Nice day though.

Tuesday: Did the arm workout and a little bit of legs to help with some stiffness from the day before. No run because I was exhausted after job #2

Wednesday: BIG DAY. I managed to do the 800s (with a 1 mile warm up and cool down, and 400m jogs between) on the treadmill at 7:24/mi pace. I was tired and didn’t have it in me to go faster. I did legs and arms at lunch, but forgot to plank.

Thursday: Made up for the lack of planking yesterday, but only did 1:15 per side plank. Then I got this:

evac noticeUhhhh what?

Stay tuned to read all about how my weekend, and city, went upside down.


3 thoughts on “State of Emergency

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