2013 Okanagan Marathon Training – 12 Weeks Out

Heeeeyyy so we’re back.

So as you can figure out from the title, I am 12 weeks away from marathon #5. I like counting down to my races as opposed to counting how many weeks of training I’ve done already. So that’s the way we’re going to do things ’round here.


This week my Mom and I went to Emerald Lake near Field, BC for a weekend of eating, drinking, and mountain goat-ing (aka hiking). No cell service, no internet, just nature and good times.

not bad

not bad

sask and trail 007sask and trail 006

Emerald Lake

Sometimes I don’t wear running apparel. Sometimes.


Monday – Cross Training

I’ve decided now that Monday is my cross training days. So this week I dusted off my ~15 year old boxing gloves (yes, I used to take Muy Thai Kickboxing as a teenager) and joined my Mom at WTM for a boxing class. I had done one with her during flood-time to burn off some steam, and I really enjoyed it so I joined her again for a class.

On Sunday I tripped over a stool and bruised my shin, so doing hard kicks to the bag felt less-than-awesome. I also learned how much you use your shoulder muscles for punching (it’s a lot).

Tuesday – 5km easy run

My body was too tired to do any sort of strength work today, so I did an easy 5km with my pal Chelsea. After trying on about five different kinds, I finally decided on some trail shoes (Saucony Kinvara TR).

shoeziesWednesday – Hills

5 x 1 minute sprints up what I decided to call “Bunny Hill”. It’s a steep hill, probably about 300-400m long (I didn’t run to the top, but will next time), and it leads to a cemetery and the Monastery of the Precious Blood, or something strange like that. But anyways, there is an infestation of tiny, adorable bunnies all around that area. It’s a cute distraction to the hills.

Thursday – Strength

Just did some upper body and core work today. I opted out of any lower body work as I was hiking, trail running, and running hills this week.

Friday – 8 mile Steady State Run

This turned out to be a 6.5 mile/10.5km trail run, sort of steady state-ish effort. I ran the loop around Emerald Lake in Field, BC twice. It was glorious. I also hiked up to Emerald Basin with my mom, which was about 10km return trip.

sweat post trail run

sweat post trail run

I landed on a couple rocks with my left foot while running, and that got nicely aggravated while hiking.

Saturday – Hike

Mama Goat and I hiked up Mt Stephen the trilobite quarries. It was fun. We met some great people and heard a lot of new geology words that we don’t understand. This was about an eight hour hike and ~800m elevation gain.

mt stephen

At the trilobite quarry, poking around and looking at fossils

Me, Mom, and a trilobite

Me, Mom, and a trilobite

Sunday – Rest

Visited the Natural Bridge, Takkakaw Falls and canoe’d around Emerald Lake. Didn’t want to leave.

sask and trail 010 sask and trail 008sask and trail 009——————————————————————————————————————–

I’m considering doing my 16 mile long run today, but my foot is still kind of sore and legs are stiff from all the hiking. I’m trying to decide if Saturday’s day long hike qualifies as a long run. If anyone could justify that it does/kick me in the ass and tell me to make it up, please speak now.

When I have a big race (ie marathon) in mind I tend to forget about the other shorter distance races I have planned. This results in me not taking them as seriously, not being mentally prepped, then being disappointed with my performance.

In two weeks, I am running the Invermere Half Marathon, then in six weeks I have the Drumheller Dinosaur Half. I want to bump up my half PR, so I plan on approaching these two differently, and a bit more like how I’d mentally approach a full. Time to get my head back in the game.


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