2013 Okanagan Marathon – 11 Weeks Out

OK 11

(Like that header? I got all design-y the other day and made that and changed the layout. Much happier with it now. Also, if you’re not familiar, the picture is of the Lake Okanagan’s very own monster, the Ogopogo. Dan, having grown up down the street from Lake Okanagan, “hates” the Ogopogo. Anyways, on with the show)

Monday – 16 mile LR

A slow LR and I only made it to 15 miles. My legs were pretty beat from hiking, so I averaged a sloooow 10:13 min/mile pace. I guess not bad considering I walked quite a bit. My foot and hip started to hurt towards the end, and got really bad at mile 15, when I also started feel nauseous and ran out of water. I miscalculated my distance and was about two blocks from home at this point as well, so I decided to call it early. Whatever. I could’ve pushed the extra mile, but didn’t, so there.

Tuesday – 3 mile easy

I planned to do weights but didn’t have it in me from Monday night’s run. I did an easy 3 with Chelsea and it was nice.

Wednesday – 40 Min Tempo + Strength

Did some upper body/core work and a 40 minute tempo run (10 warm, 10 @ 8:27, 10 @ 8:13, 10 cool). Legs were still pretty tired, but I was happy to be sort of in my tempo run goal range (8:02-8:19).

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 8 Mile Tempo Intervals + Strength

I combined some legs into my upper body routine, and had a surprisingly nice evening run. I did tempo intervals which were 2 x 3 miles at a 8:07 and 8:02 avg pace (goal 7:53-8:11) with 0.25 mile jog between,

Saturday – Color Me Rad 5k Fun Run

Color Me Rad is  fun run (not timed) event where you run through a course and people throw colored cornstarch at you and spray you with some colored water. This sounded like a good time so my pals and I signed up. Aside from the parking being a giant fiasco, it was a great time. We got all messy and blowing your nose after was interesting. I know it travels around North America so I highly suggesting if it comes through town.

photo(18) photo(20) photo(19) photo(22) photo(21)

Sunday – Easy 6

Jamie, Chelsea and I did a nice run along the reservoir first thing in the morning. There must have been a women’s run/walk club going on, because the trail was packed with ladies! It was pretty cool.


Next week is the Invermere Half! I am a bit nervous about running a race in the heart of the rockies (HILLY), but it should be a beautiful course and just generally good weekend hanging with pals by the lake.


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