2013 Okanagan Marathon – 10 Weeks Out

OK 10

Lots of rest this week. I guess I needed it. So not too much to discuss running wise.

Monday – 17 mile/27.2km Long Run, avg pace 9:58/mile

This went pretty well! Kept everything relaxed, didn’t push it. I hope to cut down my pace some more, but I realize I’ve got some time to do that. But that’s still progress.

Tuesday – Rest

Was supposed to go for an easy 5k, but the weather was scary looking and unpredictable, and I got stuck at work late, so instead I sat on the couch and surfed the interwebz.

Wednesday – Strength + Hills

Did some strength training during my lunch break, then crushed some hills with my girls in the evening. I did 6 x 1 min hill sprints, with the last one longer. The other girls did 5 x 45 second sprints, and I was so proud of them! They all pushed themselves hard and did more than they originally set out to do! ❤

Thursday – Rest

I had hoped to do some strength training, but was really busy with work and couldn’t fit it in. I had also thought of doing an easy 5k, but after work I was tired and hungry and opted to eat a whole bunch of BBQ brisket instead. I don’t feel bad since the legs were tired and I needed them to get un-tired before the half on Saturday.

Friday – Rest

The only planned rest day this week! Go me!

Saturday – Invermere Half Marathon

Ran hard but got my ass kicked by the insane amount of hills on this course. Finish time: 2:01. Full recap in a couple days.

Sunday – Rest

Was going to hike today, but a massive traffic jam on the highway took up a lot of our time and desire to do anything other than get back to Calgary. Oh well.


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