2013 Okanagan Marathon is now 4 Weeks Away….

OK 4

Hi Friends! I’m back from my little hiatus.

Nothing super crazy going on, I just needed a bit of a break from pouring all the details out of my training regime onto the internet and deal with some brain thoughts I’ve been having.

This summer and it’s training cycle has been sort of a roller coaster ride. And I don’t like amusement rides. But with the date of my next big race creeping closer there is no time like the present to pull my head out of my ass and focus on getting my brain in the game for October 13th.

Between starting off this training cycle with the flu or whatever, then the flood, then the hip injury, it’s not hard to spiral into frustration and doubt. But it IS hard to get my head back to where it was prior to the Vancouver Marathon. And to be honest, I sort of forgot what that mindset was. But today I remembered. I was excited! I knew the course, I knew I liked it and at the least I’d have a good run and be around good people who supported me.

So realistically, I don’t know how the OK Marathon is going to end up (do we ever really know?). But here are the things I do know:

– It’s a new race (to me), and it is FLAT

flat course is flat

– I know I can complete the distance, and at least at the same pace as before, if not faster

– My best friend will be running the 10k and cheering me on

– My boyfriend and his family will be watching and waiting for me at the finish

– My own biggest cheerleaders (Mom and Dad) will be there in spirit forever supporting me

– Old friend of mine (super fast ultra trail racer Morgan) will all be there chasing a BQ and I’m so excited for her!

– There will be wine after (helllooooo Okanagan Wine Country!)

So really, it will be a good time, regardless how fast I cross that finish line. I plan on getting a good playlist going, plugging in, having a great run and hopefully finding/keeping up to Morgan on the course (yeaaah we’ll see). Also, I have a lot of opportunity to get a BQ before registration opens for 2015, so I’m not worried. I’ll get there when I get there.


This past week has been a pretty enjoyable one. I took it pretty easy early in the week as recovery from the half marathon, did 4 x 800m sprints at an embarrassingly slow pace (I blame the heavy leg weights I did the day prior) on Wednesday, then an easy run Friday.

I ran another 5 Peaks trail race (7.5km) in Canmore on Saturday morning, followed by a hike with Jamie in the afternoon.


I finished the race in 46:53 and placed 9/23 in my age category. Not bad! Definitely an improvement from last time. I’m excited to run more of the series next year. Trail racing is such a different beast from the roads and 5 Peaks holds excellent, well organized events. In the two I’ve gone to I have definitely noticed a strong sense of community. They also have great snack tables full of watermelon, bananas, chips, bagels with various nut butters, and Vega products.

After lunch we went for a half day hike up Windtower (along Spray Lakes Road across from the Reservoir). We got a little lost (twice) but the view was amazing and we survived so it was worth it. It was Jamie’s first hike and to say she was pretty into it would be an understatement. She also did great in the whole getting-lost drama, and is responsible for us getting back on track and avoiding bushwacking the entire way down the mountain (we still did some).

05 04 06 0103

Sunday I did an easy 10 mile/16km run. I finished Tina Fey’s audiobook “Bossypants”. It was hilarious and entertaining. I’m sad it’s over because she made a great running buddy. I wish we could be friends in real life.

I have my last long run this weekend, and fast Morgan and I are planning to run together. However, her long run pace is more like my race pace, so we’ll see how long I can keep up for. But maybe I’ll surprise myself and be able to! WHO KNOWS?! No harm in trying, right?



4 thoughts on “2013 Okanagan Marathon is now 4 Weeks Away….

  1. I love trying to run with a faster friend – I always find myself digging deeper than I would on my own! BTW the views from your pics look terrible. It’s a miracle you didn’t die of boredom looking at those awful mountains!

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