BRB, dying (not really).



This is me right now. And with the exception of last Saturday when I put more makeup on and forced myself to go to a fundraising event, this is probably the best I’ve looked all week.

The reason? The plague that has been ravaging its way through the office that is steadily reaching pandemic proportions. Most of us have had a fever for about a week with every other flu symptom under the sun. Ugh. The weather here has been cooperating, so I was really hoping to have some running to talk about, but I don’t.


The past week’s training log.

This is about all I can manage these days:


Luckily my nurse is really snuggly and cute.


Anyways, this was more a ploy to post some cute pictures of my cat and complain about being sick to the internet, since I’ve already complained to everyone in real life. With any luck we’ll be back to the running stuff again this week! (cross your fingers for me!).


One thought on “BRB, dying (not really).

  1. Hey Victoria, thanks for your comment! Yay for another Oiselle loving runner in Calgary!

    You should definitely come try on of the XC races in the new year. I think Saturday’s race in Silver Springs would have been fine with just trail shoes as there was no ice, just a lot of snow. I’m not sure what the other courses would be like though. If there is any ice at all it could be a fair bit tougher without traction. Do you have YakTrax? I found my Kahtoolas at MEC, but you could also take an old pair of runners and screw hobnails into the soles ( That is what most of the seasoned XC racers seem to wear. Let me know if you decide to do a race and I hope you feel better soon!

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