Running and Holidays and stuff.

Happy New Year everyone!I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, or at the very least survived.

Mine were good. For the first time in several years I did not leave the city and it was great. Traveling during the holidays can be stressful, so it was nice to stay put and focus on my family, my boyfriend and get caught up in running.

The "chocolate shelf" in my fridge. There is also a cookie shelf.

The “chocolate shelf” in my fridge. There is also a cookie shelf.

I’m currently still base building phase of my training program, and taking nearly two weeks off due to illness put me behind in my mileage so I decided to extend this phase a bit to make up for it. Luckily I had some time off of work over the holidays so I took advantage of the opportunity of running in the daylight.

photo 2

I’m up to ~40 miles (~65km) a week at the moment, and my legs are definitely feeling it. This is what my peak mileage has been in previous training cycles, and I’m still aiming to add another 20 miles onto it. My appetite has skyrocketed and will not leave me alone. Last weekend I would’ve done terrible things for food, especially carbs. Luckily my fridge is still full of holiday treats so crisis was adverted. I have to get used to carrying more food with me too work so I don’t end up gnawing on a coworkers arm or something equally as regrettable (like eating leftover chicken from a company lunch, which may or may not have happened).

Post Xmas lights still up make me happy.

Post Xmas lights still up make me happy.

Although when it's -30C I do this instead.

Although when it’s -30C I do this instead.

I’ve had some shin/ankle/Achilles pain that is causing me to worry, but I am hoping that I nailed down the issue(s):

1) It’s been snowing quite a bit and while many pathways and sidewalks are clear, a lot are just snowy enough that you slide around a bit more than normal putting strain on my ankles, calves and knees.

2) Because it’s been snowing a lot, I’ve been wearing my Saucony Trail Kinvaras. I’m pretty adapt to running in the road Kinvaras, but the trail version has much less cushioning making it more of a trail version of the A5 (racing flat) than a Kinvara (the Peregrin is a more accurate trail version of the Kinvara, but we don’t sell them at the running store I work at). I had hoped that gradually building up my mileage in the TKs would allow me to adapt to the lighter shoe, but alas, I think I have not. Shin pain is typically indicative of inadequate cushioning in the shoe (for that particular person), so I decided to suck it up and buy something different for my >10k runs. I went with the Adidas Kanadia 5. They have more too them without being too bulky and heavy, and at $114 the price point is pretty good.

Dear shoes. Please save my legs!

Dear shoes, please save my legs

I tried out the Kanadias on the weekend, and although my pace was, uh, conservative, my legs felt much less fatigued come rest day. Which is today. I can still feel a bit of a niggle in my left Achilles but I don’t have that same general ache that I had before. I’m curious to see how my body will adapt in the next few weeks. I’m hoping that if I keep consistent in my training, diligent on the injury prehab (rolling, exercises), and well fed I can make some decent improvement.

Another exciting thing to note: last weekend my mom and I went to watch a World Cup Freestyle Ski competition at Canada Olympic Park. For those of you who may not know, I competed in this sport for the better part of my youth/teen years and it still holds a special place in my heart. It was exciting to watch and neat to see how the sport has evolved the past 10.5 years since my “retirement”.


cold weather = slushy wine

photo 3

I definitely could not have skied this.

So there’s an update for y’all! I’m going to try to be more consistent now that the holidays are over and I have some focus in my running life again, so brace yourself for more tales of winter running and rabid appetites!


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