Goodbye, comfort zone

Wanting to take my running to the next level, I knew that I would have to take my training up a notch, hence the massive mileage I’ve been discussing the past few posts.

When I was wondering why my legs felt like shit last week, I looked back into my training log for some insight. What I discovered is that typically in peak training prior to a marathon I would reach 40-50 (but closer to 40) miles a week with my highest recorded mileage being 48. I want to take that up into the 60s, and really one of the things that is freaking me out is my upcoming super long tempo runs. I’ve been slogging out these long runs, but I’m a bit nervous about having to bring speed into the equation.

Calgary is pretty.

Calgary is pretty.

I’m also having some on and off issues with my shins despite switching to a trail shoe with higher cushion. At the end of the week I had a bit of rest and ran in my New Balance 1400s which are a bit squishier and had no issues. The weather is supposed to be pretty good this week so I’m looking forward to running in non-trail shoes that I know don’t hurt me. Trying to push mileage while being hurt is a pain in the ass.

Cat snuggles and new Oiselle hoodies make sore shins feel better. It's science.

Cat snuggles and new Oiselle hoodies make sore shins feel better. It’s science.

I revisited a few of my favorite blog posts to get inspiration on getting tough and to allow me to trust that I can get through these workouts. I have to remember that this isn’t supposed to be easy! I have to dig deep and actually push myself. I know sometimes I have a bad tendency to say I want to work hard, but when it comes to working hard I freak out a bit. Is this normal? Probably? Anyone? But anyways, I think part of the “achievement” is pushing past that final hesitation in the moment and really going for it. Putting it all out on the line. It’s fucking scary! But also made me realize that even if I don’t meet my time goal in Vancouver, I will know what I’m capable if I push myself that much further and keep building from there.

Gettin' fit, in da gym.

Taking gym selfies as part of a work contest. I don’t typically do this, I swear.

All nerves aside, I’m actually really excited. It’s like trying a new cake recipe. You throw all the ingredients together in the right order, put in some elbow grease and make sure you’re stirring it all together correctly (not too much, not too little). Then you stick it in the oven, hoping your oven is set to the right temperature and your timer is set. Then you wait. With any luck you have a cake that’s perfectly moist. If not, you have to go back and adjust the recipe.

How’s that for a metaphor? I totally thought of it myself. Now I want cake 😦

Give this to me


Speaking of cake, let’s take a moment and talk about the insatiable hunger monster currently residing within me. No, I’m not preggo. Just running at what once was peak mileage. It’s only going to get worse. Hooolyyyy. Like every other person out there at this time of year, I’m trying to get back eating a bit healthier and focus on nutrient dense foods instead of sheer quantity to help me recover between runs.

That’s it for this week! I’ll leave you with something that kills me every time I look at it. I apologize to my friends who’ve seen this a hundred times (in the last 4 days) already.

photo 4

I hope I start feeling like a space goat during my runs soon.




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