Last week started off with zero shin pain. ZERO. For that I’d like to thank skiing and my 1400s. Unfortunately that didn’t last, but that whole situation seems to be getting better and I’m finally taking a bit more action in fixing it, including a physio appointment this week. Ain’t nobody got no time for shin pain.

Monday was a rest day and thank god for that, because it polar vortex-ed outside (cold, snowy, windy). I hung out at the office all day, compression socks on for good measure, just anxious to run. This is a good sign. If your brain isn’t into it, your body will have a real tough time following.

Tuesday the polar vortex turned into a chinook and I had a fantastic 7.5mile/12km run after work. Relatively painless and back in the low 9:00/mile pace that I like to keep my easy runs at. I ran in my Adios but found that the stiff forefoot wasn’t too friendly on my shins, but my achilles was behaving (thanks high ramp angle).

Wednesday morning all the snow that melted had turned into ice and made for a treacherous and slow run, with some niggling shin pain (again, sigh) despite switching back to my 1400s. At one point I fell hard onto my ass. It would’ve been funny if there was anyone around watching. That night I convinced Dan to join me on a short 5km run. He wasn’t amused by the puddles and ice. My shins didn’t feel too bad while I ran, but when I would stop for a light or if I had to walk across some ice, they would seize right up. I spent the rest of the evening with ice packs tucked into knee high socks, eating pasta and watching Futurama.

Thursday‘s tempo run (5.5 miles total) was an improvement on last week. I ran it on the treadmill at the same pace (~8:00/m) but it felt much less deathly. But a lot more sweaty. I tried for a 3 mile recovery run in the evening, but my shins were back being sore and due to the thaw/freeze cycle that’s been happening every day here it was ridiculously icy. So I made it 2.5 miles. Meh!


Attractive. I know.

Friday‘s run was pretty uneventful. Just over 5 miles just under 10/mile (still navigating around ice). Use salt on your sidewalks, people!

Saturday I ran a beautiful sunny and warm 20k with some friends, avg 9:27 pace. Then that afternoon some friends and I had High Tea at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel for Jamie’s birthday! It was delicious and fun.

photo 2

Sunday I ran just under 7 miles at 9:24/mile which felt incredibly slow. Afterwards I went for a much needed massage. Shane, my massage guy, worked on my glutes, lower back, and informed me that the source of my shin pain is my soleus. Getting them massaged made me want to cry. He also showed me how to relieve my back and hip tightness through massaging my own hip flexors. He was great. If you’re in Calgary, go check out Leela Eco Spa. Awesome yoga classes (I’ve been going there for a while) and apparently great massages too.

photo 1

Pre-massage bathroom picture because I like this shirt and I’m in a good mood.

So this marks the completion of my very first 50 mile/80km week, officially the most weekly mileage I have ever done! I’m pretty happy with this little milestone. I have one week left in the “base building” phase of my training and I’m hoping to get in about 55 miles, but I’ll survive if it’s less than that.

I had a physio appointment today to see what can be done for my shins/soleus (details next post). If that doesn’t help, I’m buying some freakin’ Hokas.


2 thoughts on “Fifty/Eighty

  1. You are speedy! Way to get that 50-mile week in. That’s a big milestone, one I just recently achieved myself. I just hope you can get that shin situation squared away because it doesn’t sound like much fun at all.

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