Running Strike

Just thought I’d check in with y’all (yep, still using it) and update you on life and stuff. Mostly shins.

I wrote (and re-wrote) a post last week, but wordpress/my computer/the combination of was being uncooperative and I wasn’t able to post it. So here we are.

Shins.They’re not doing much better. I had about a week of not-so-much pain, thinking I was on the upward swing, then my right shin hopped on the pain train. I cut back again, ran a bit in San Francisco (yep, I was there and was going to talk about in the “post that never happened”). I bought Hokas and they felt good for a hot minute.


I also got new pants!

 I attempted a tempo run on Tuesday, outdoors, to test if/how I would be able to hold my pace. I could, sort of, but cut it short. That night, while icing religiously and watching Hunger Games, I decided that I needed to finally listen to my trainer Conrad and take some time off. Like, ACTUALLY take time off, and a minimum of two weeks.

If I keep on the same path of running in pain 85-90% of the time and cutting back to running 3x a week, there is a high chance I will do further damage and not run Vancouver (or any marathon this summer for that matter). I’m not enjoying myself and it’s not doing me any good mentally or physically.

I have created some simple rules :
– No running, not even if I feel better or mostly better
– Make up my runs with cross training activities. Spin classes, pool running speedwork/tempo/long runs, elliptical, etc
– If I don’t feel up to doing an activity, don’t do it. No more pushing through exhaustion and pain.

Instead of making Vancouver my big time goal race, it’s now my experimental race. I want to see how well I can bounce back, and comparatively how I will perform by not running much/at all but substituting with ample cross training. I have no expectations, I’m only going to try my best.

Wish me luck!



8 thoughts on “Running Strike

    • Yes! You do! I’m there tonight and Sunday.

      Thanks for the vibes! And I got the pants at the Nike store in SF. Holy smokes, I could’ve dropped some serious money there.

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