Running Strike – Week 2

And just like that, two weeks has past since I last ran. My conclusion? I think that two weeks will be my new standard of abstinence from running next time I am cursed with an injury. Would I have been cured earlier had I taken the two weeks off sooner? I will never know. But what I do know is that I feel pretty great now. I’ve even sprinted across the street a couple times with no pain/niggle/any sensation that my calves or shins were causing me so much pain for so long.

Since we last spoke I have spin class-ed once, pool ran twice, swam once, had two rest days, and three sessions of weights. Wednesday night however my neck and upper back seized up to the point I couldn’t turn my head, but thanks to some chiropractor adjustments I feel much better and am 90% back to normal with minimal residual tightness.

An example of all the neck movements I couldn’t make.

Otherwise, I have been feeling fan-fricken-tastic.

Last night I ran, and it was glorious. Calgary is finally warming up, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I threw on my Hokas and went out the door for a little 5k jaunt.

Before: a little scared

Before: a little scared

I used my Nike app, so at the first half mile it announced my pace to me: 8:14/mile. What? I was running comfortably, but didn’t feel like I was overworking it. I just made sure I was relaxed and not in any pain, and figured it would drop. At 1 mile, it announced I was at 8:15/mile. That’s cool. Mile 2 was 8:16/mile, and I was running in a well developed groove and felt mega comfortable bounding along in my bouncy Hokas. Mile 3 was 8:17/mile. I stopped to walk a little at the end, resulting in an 8:18/mile average for the 3.12 miles. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Is this what I’m capable of when I’m not in pain?

After: maximum stoked levels reached

After: maximum stoked level reached

I’m glad I took this time off and even more glad that I didn’t just spend the last two weeks sitting on the couch and feeling sorry for myself. I am almost exactly a month away from the Vancouver marathon, and a little nervous that I haven’t ran further than 16 miles in this training cycle. On road. In the pool, I’m up to about 20 miles so maybe I’ll be ok? I don’t want to jump into a 20 miler on the road and hurt myself again, so I think I will keep my long “runs” in the pool and work on building back up in my runs during the week. I keep reminding myself that this is my “experimental” marathon and to have no expectations.

These past two weeks I have embraced cross training and quite enjoyed it, thus allowing me to break free from the mental patterns and activity bad habits I had created and develop new, more positive ones:

LISTEN!!!!!*^$!@@% to my body above EV-ER-Y thing else

– Take rest days when I need them, guilt free, even if they’re not scheduled

– No more being a mileage Nazi. Use goal mileage as a guideline only

– Substitute some runs in the pool, especially if I don’t feel 100% to run on land

– Swim once a week

– Yoga once a week

– Spin once a week

That being said, I am currently undecided if I will run tonight. I have a slight ache in my right shin, and although I am currently compressing and icing it, if that niggle isn’t gone by the end of the work day, back to the pool for me. This Sunday I am running the Glencoe Icebreaker 10k and I would like to be able to have the best run/race possible.

Anyways, that’s it for now! Wish me luck!





8 thoughts on “Running Strike – Week 2

  1. It’s always those minor, tiny aches and pains that throw me off. I never quite know if it’s a real problem or just a tickle that will go away. Good luck on your 10k this weekend! I need to do better at being aware of races in Calgary 🙂

    I’m planning on hitting the treadmill (or, maybe outside, even?) tonight after kicking whatever the heck had me down Monday/Tuesday. I feel amazing today considering I was dizzy with a low-grade fever yesterday. What even, silly body.

    • I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’ve heard of some things floating around lately. Might as well run outside, it’s so nice! (apparently, I haven’t been outside since 7:30am).

  2. Oh my word I really wish so many people would pay more attention to their bodies instead of the training plan. I have seen so many injuries (myself included) that could have been entirely avoided by listening to my freaking tendons instead of what the piece of paper taped to my wall says. Gah…tough lessons.

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