Change of Plans

Last week I got an email from the BMO Vancouver Marathon regarding what the medals and t shirts will look like. Not that I don’t care, but I’m getting them either way so it’s not a big deal. One thing on that email however grabbed my attention.


What? I can switch races? The first emotion that rushed in what excitement. I followed the link, checked it out and sure enough, I can switch into the half or 8k races for a $10 fee. After getting my ass kicked by the previous weekends 30km run, the thought of running a half marathon was much more appealing, and I even felt a sense of relief. I had a much better chance of finishing the race, and maybe even have a good one.

After consulting runner friends and some social media outlets, I went for it. So now, in just over a week, I will be running the Vancouver Half Marathon.

Since then, my shins have flared up a bit again and now I’m getting all nervous about running a half. Sigh. So as of now, I’ll try my best, enjoy my weekend in Vancouver, be a good cheerleader at the finish for my friends, some running their first full marathons, and look forward to burgers and beer afterwards.

I’ve been going through a mix of feelings about it, from relief and confidence, to concern that I won’t be ready to even run that, back to confidence so hopefully that stays with me for the next week. Either way, here goes something (else)!



6 thoughts on “Change of Plans

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