One Year Ago.

One year ago today, I got this notice:

evac notice

And then this happened:

flood 001


flood 004

flood 030

the bench from above is under there somewhere



flood 026

flood 019

flood 038

The lobby of my building

Actually taken on the Monday, the first day we could access any part of the parkade. This is going down to the first parkade floor.

The entrance to my parkade (days after)

flood 047


Then this happened, not just in my neighborhood, but all across town:

flood 044

flood 046

flood 041

flood 045

The best people.


And let’s not forget….

#floodbrows - you have to entertain yourself somehow when the city shuts down


It’s surreal and almost hard to believe that this all happened a year ago. Living in one of the hardest hit areas, it was one of the most stressful and difficult times of my life. But from that I have seen the beauty and true colors of my friends and family. It gave me faith that no matter what hard times fall my way, I have them as my safety net. Too all of them, I love you. I’m forever grateful to have you in my life.

And the city of Calgary, and all of its residents who banded together to help those who lost everything, thanks for restoring my faith in humanity. I hope everyone is lucky enough to experience the goodness people have to offer. It’s fucking beautiful.

Be good to each other. Not just in times of need, but always.


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