Angus Cattle Run 5k Recap

Don’t you love it when you write a whole post then it doesn’t post and your draft is deleted forever? Me too and that’s exactly what happened the first time around I wrote this post. Then I got lazy and never rewrote it and just neglected my poor little blog. Moving on.

For those of you who don’t live in Calgary and don’t know much about this little metropolis on the base of the Rockies, beside our awesome mayor, the other thing Calgary is known for is its annual week of rodeo and celebration of agriculture (and debauchery) called the Calgary Stampede. I have participated in a wide variety of Stampede activities throughout the years, but having lived three blocks from the grounds for four years, I generally feel like this during this time of year unless I have something fun specifically planned:

kill all humansThroughout town there is no limit of western-themed events, and one particular one is the Angus Cattle Run 5k which happens to be a fundraiser for Calgary’s Food Bank. I was registered to run it last year, but my body didn’t feel like cooperating (re: I woke up with incapacitating cramps. TMI? Oh well that’s a part of life). I figured that since 100% of my race entry had already gone to the Food Bank, I already sort of did my part and stayed in bed. This year the stars (ovaries?) aligned and I woke up bright and early Friday morning and hauled my ass out for a run (I think it’s safe to say that most people won’t do that during Stampede).

I convinced a friend from work to run with me, so Jen met me at the start (Eau Claire Market). We grabbed our “bibs” (which instead of numbers, had facts about the Food Bank and hunger. Clever!) and cowbells.

photo 5This race also marks the first time I’ve run a race while holding a cowbell. Everyone was doing it! It was actually kind of neat running in a group of people with cowbells all with Food Bank facts donned on their fronts. Kind of like they planned it that way. I digress.

Although this was a untimed “fun run”, I still wanted to push it for a few reasons:

1. I have only ever run one other 5k “race”

2. I wanted to see where my fitness was at

3. Because I felt like it

The race began and I crossed the start line 10 seconds after. We were to run west along the Bow River, across 14th Street bridge (a hill), east on the other side of the river, up Prince’s Island bridge (another hill) and down to the finish.

angusMy “plan” (using that term loosely) was to run as hard as I could for the whole thing. So I did. After the first mile passed, the thoughts circulating through my head alternated between “This is hard. Why is this so hard?”, “Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon”, and “I might puke”. You think hills are hard on a long distance race? They’re just as hard on a short one, IMO.

As I came up Prince’s Island bridge, the finish was nearly in sight and I put the pedal to the metal. The clock read 24:17 as I crossed, which equates to a 24:07 finish time, a PR! Weeee!

Afterwards I ran into Tina and we got some quick massages from a nearby tent. There was also a marching band and pancake breakfast (both staples for any Stampede event). Unfortunately I had a dr’s appointment to get to so I couldn’t wait in line to get any pancakes or wait for door prize draws, but I hear they’re both great.

photo 1 photo 3This was a fun event for a great cause, and I will definitely try to keep it in the yearly rotation (they also have a run in December). I suggest you try it too if you’re in Cowtown!


Lots of other things have happened lately, mostly trail running including one trail race (recap to come) and my dear ladyfriend Chelsea’s birthday! I made her a flower crown. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how cute she is.

bday flower princess

plastic bag princess (and homemade slip and slide in the background)

I’ll update you on the rest later. Off to enjoy the summer! Peace!


3 thoughts on “Angus Cattle Run 5k Recap

  1. Nice recap. You’re such a great writer. That’s a fantastic time for a 5K. I think the shorter distance races can be much tougher than say a half-marathon. At least it was over sooner! Have a great weekend!

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