Get L.O.W. (Part 1)

Hi! Hello!

For those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram, you may have noticed that I have been rather silent (spare for the past three days). That is because last week I went for a much needed social-media detox while on vacation. Where was I, you may ask? I was at the step-family’s cottage on Lake of the Woods, Ontario. It was a marvelous, relaxing week of fishing, reading, running and relaxing.

Lake of the Woods is HUGE. It’s full of islands and peninsulas, so while you’re on it it’s hard to grasp its size. But I suppose if you had a big enough boat with enough fuel, you could roam this lake for quite some time before you see it all.


The cottage was located way up on the top just west of Kenora, nestled into the Canadian Shield. I have little experience with rural Ontario (aside from my uncle’s farm), so I was thoroughly impressed. Being a Rockies’ girl, this was almost like being in the Rockies (forested, rocky, hilly) without any mountains and much warmer lakes. Something I can live with.

The water was unusually high this year, causing most of the boathouses and docks to be a bit under water. This didn’t have any impact on our enjoyment however, and everyone managed to avoid eating shit while navigating the wet, algae-y submerged dock.

photo 16

photo 15

Don’t be fooled by the British Columbia flag, this was most definitely in Ontario.

The photo above is of the boathouse, where we’d spend most of our afternoons alternating reading, napping in the sun and cooling off in the lake. Most would jump off the boathouse. I would not, because I greatly dislike jumping off things.

photo 20photo 19If you look closely in the reflection in my sunglasses, you can see the book I (finally) finished while on my trip. It’s Joseph Boyden’s “The Orenda“. What a powerful book, and definitely not an easy read. It haunted me for several days after I finished. Yet it was the perfect book for the trip. It’s set in the early eeeaaarrrllly days of Canada (before it was Canada) so I could easily imagine the characters set in a surrounding similar to my current location. Very good book. Much recommended (but not for the faint of heart).

In the early mornings and evenings (actually, only evenings for me) we’d take the little power boat out and go fishing. I caught three fish! Two walleye and one bass, all released. Here is me and my bass:

photo 2The sunsets off the boat were stunning:

photo 4

hi Dad!

Hi Dad!

We (collectively, not me) even caught a couple keepers that turned into lunch/dinner. I am grateful for these fish providing us with delicious sustenance.

photo 7

Dan and our lunch

photo 17A couple days we drove into Kenora and both times had lunch at the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. BEST FRIES and tasty beer. They also have a shop where you can buy growlers, apparel, skatedecks, etc. Their logo is cute so I bought a mug and sweatshirt.

Tasty things here.

Tasty things here.

Running wise, I did a few runs on the road leading the cottage, which were hilly, hot and humid. On the Saturday, I found some trails in Kenora to explore while Dan checked out the skatepark. More on that later, as it was a really cool experience that I’d like to go more in depth.

From my run on Tunnel Island, to be continued!

photo 13 From my run on Tunnel Island, to be continued in part 2!

Unless you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it seems that this area of Canada is fairly unknown. It’s a wonderful place to go if you like fishing, nature, and general relaxing (who doesn’t). It’s not difficult to get to, just a straight two hour drive East from Winnipeg, and it’s an interesting drive at that as you see the prairies morph into the Shield.

I returned from this trip feeling refreshed and relaxed, which is new for me. Usually I’m so busy doing things that I need another vacation after my vacation. But we rested, exercised and ate healthy so I felt great. I had three days at work and I’m off tonight to Vancouver with my best gals to run the SeaWheeze half! I can’t believe it’s actually here. I get to also meet some Oiselle birds from Seattle and have dinner with some other bloggers and the Vega team. Hoooly. So much stuff.

See you on the other side!


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