Why Do Goats Run?

Hi! And welcome!

I am Victoria and I like running. Lots. Especially long distances.


2013 BMO Vancouver Marathon

You’re probably still wondering what’s the deal with the goats, so allow me to explain.

Once upon a time there was a little wine called “Goats do Roam”.

It’s a South African Cote-du-Rhone (as explained by my father), and was the favorite beverage in all the land. All of the land being the south-of-downtown radius that myself and my two best girls reside in. I used past-tense (was) because this beverage reached its height of popularity in our trio during our single days, which ended around two years ago.

Goats/Goats do Roam became the foundation of many a inside joke, including us referring to ourselves as goats and referencing our affinity to roaming.


Goats do stretches

Turns out, goats can do many more things than just roam, and once we all got boyfriends we substantially toned down the single-girl-wine-parties. Only one ‘goat’ remains in Calgary (where I reside), and her name is Jamie (pictured above). She’s my main gal and during the past year I’ve coached her and several other friends towards their first few 10k races, and bestowed upon them the joy of running.

my run club, full of close friends and a couple dogs

my run club, full of close friends and a couple dogs

From my experience with my run club I realized how much I enjoy sharing my knowledge of running with others, so I created this blog. I want to share my experiences with others, contact other runners out there, and so I am more accountable to myself and those who are sharing this journey with me.

And Now for a Bit of a History Lesson (about me)

I have always been active, participating in ballet, horseback riding, freestyle skiing (competing on the amateur level on the Alberta Freestyle Team for two years in moguls), muy thai kickboxing, yoga and brief forays into volleyball and basketball.

My running ‘career’ first began when my mom signed me up for the Calgary Mother’s Day 10km race. I was 16, it was prior to me making the Alberta Team for skiing and I had never been a HUGE fan of running. She pushed me through the most basic of walk/run intervals (and tolerated my complaining) until I was able to get myself through running for 10 minutes and walking for a minute. We ran the race together, finishing somewhere around 1:10-1:15. I was mostly happy I didn’t die and I could then gorge myself on brunch, but there was something that stuck with me about crossing that finish line.

During University I kept up with running to keep in shape, then gradually worked up to half marathons. I kept up with that, running one or two races a year but not making a ton of progress with race times. Still, I enjoyed it and it helped get my mind and body through those long, dark, bone chilling Edmonton winters.

After one particularly bad 1/2 marathon (due to an injury), I was angry and bummed out so I decided that the best way to make myself feel better was to register for a full marathon. I know, I don’t even understand my own reasoning most of the time (I’m a sucker for redemption?), so the logic is lacking but I made it happen. In the fall of 2011, I ran the Portland marathon at a time of 4:27. Not terribly fast, but I was hooked. I found the magic race distance that threw me directly into a downward spiral of running obsession.


During the past two years I’ve learned a lot about running, perseverance and what makes me tick. There are many things I enjoy in life, but my love of running has shown me what it’s like to love something with every ounce of your being to the point that it’s tough to go without. I typically have the attention span of a five year old, but somehow I am able to run at a steady distance for 3-4 hours and enjoy it and not get bored. I have learned that…

knowledge+(passion*hard work)^(confidence+trust in oneself) = success

…and I’m starting to be able to apply that to other parts of my life.

Other Things Goats Do/Like/am Interested in (and I may talk/rant about from time to time)

– Math + science, especially physics and space.

– Art. Sometimes I even make it myself.

– Feminism, gender roles/equality and the media

– Food. Especially healthy food in large quantities.

– Chocolate.

– Wine. And beer.

– Music. Especially metal and annoying upbeat pop/dance-y stuff

– Coffee.

– Mountains. I’ve grown up skiing, hiking and snowshoeing and I still can’t get enough.

– Traveling. Since I’ve had a FT salary job for the past three years I’ve had to sacrifice my previous somewhat-jet-set lifestyle, but I suffer from some pretty serious wanderlust so I’ll have to get back to that.

– My favorite character of all time is Zoidberg from Futurama (the best TV show of all time)


So I think that’s it for summing me/me as a runner in a nutshell. The purpose of this little bit of internet real estate is to share my experiences and thoughts with other like minded individuals, and I like to create an open discourse on topics I feel passionate about in a mature, respectful manner. I’d also like to point out that I am not (currently) certified for any sort of running/physio/nutrition and pretty much everything I share I have learned through personal research and experience.

So enjoy my running story! That is all folks.




3 thoughts on “Why Do Goats Run?

  1. When my husband and I were planning our wedding, Goats do Roam was one of the wines we taste tested. We didn’t include it int he wedding (we went to a different venue) but it has stuck with us, and now we drink it on special occasions. As soon as I saw your blog name, i knew it had something to do with Goats Do Roam! Love it. Following from PEI.

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